Interceptor Performance Boats

Boating is a recreational activity anyone can enjoy. Anyone, of any age, of any ability and of any creed can take to the water for hours of memories and joy. The rhythms of the water, the openness of the air and the freedom of the horizon, refresh and rejuvenate. Boating affords a variety of activities as well. Exhilarating water sports, the calm of fishing, that freedom felt simply cruising the lake all make owning a boat a highlight.

‚ÄčIt is for the love of boating that Caravelle manufactures its fine line of recreational Interceptor Powerboats. Each model is thoughtfully engineered and painstakingly manufactured. Interceptor Powerboats are built to give years of satisfaction.

It is for you, the boating enthusiast, that we make Interceptor Powerboats affordable. The enjoyment of owning a Caravelle Interceptor Powerboat goes way beyond the initial investment but it is that initial investment that often prevents some from owning a boat. We believe we've built the best boating value available today in our line of models and we invite you to explore them because Caravelle is Everybody's Boat Company.

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